Volume Zero - Modern Synthesizer Mastery e-book

Volume Zero - Modern Synthesizer Mastery e-book


Modular Synthesizer Mastery Volume Zero: The Four Basic Patches

by Darwin Grosse, 20 Objects, LLC

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Welcome to the beginning of the “Modular Synthesizer Mastery” series. In this first book, we are going to look at four patches that will give you the starting point for working with your modular system. The four patches we are going to study are:

1. The basic East Coast patch, which simulates the great monosynths of the 1970’s and 1980’s.

2. The basic West Coast patch, which will simulate the kind of patch typical of Buchla systems.

3. The basic percussion patch, where you learn how to create your own synthesized percussion.

4. A basic chaos patch, which will give you entre into that madness that people think of when they think of modular systems!